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How far is China's manufacturing industry and Germany?

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Compared with enterprises in developed countries, the biggest feature of many Chinese enterprises is that they like to follow hot spots, like to make quick money, and like the Internet.
(1) I like to make quick money. It’s the idea of ​​many bosses to think about immigration or send out their children when they make money.
(2) like to follow suit. There is not much loyalty to the industry, where is the hot spot to keep up with, maybe you can get a profit.
(3) Like the Internet. I feel that I am doing business, so I need to be linked to the Internet. Maybe it will become Ma Yun second.
Of course, this is not to say all businesses, but it is indeed the practice of many bosses. In a society that does not make big money, it seems that many people are not worried about manufacturing. The industry is too bitter and too tired, so it seems that everything can be hooked up with the Internet and can make a lot of money.
Indeed, bosses like the Internet is right, Internet + or + Internet, have their advantages, but we have always forgotten: all the goods on the Internet for basic goods transactions come from reality.
Reality such as a treasure, is to provide a variety of low-tech products, but such as precision machinery, etc., these are difficult to Internet, at most manufacturing +. The government has seen this. Germany has proposed Industry 4.0. The Chinese government has proposed “Made in China 2025”. This shows that the government is also aware that it is imperative to vigorously develop high-end manufacturing, even if the Internet must rely heavily on reality. Manufacturing in the world.
So, what is the difference between China's manufacturing industry and German manufacturing industry? (This article chose Germany as a sample, because Industry 4.0 first rose in Germany, so Germany was chosen as a comparative sample).
In June 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the "China Modernization Report 2015: Industrial Modernization Research". The report pointed out that China is in the industrial primary developed countries, and the international gap in industrial labor productivity is large, according to the industrial modernization indicators of the world countries in 1970-2010. After some evaluation and analysis, I finally came to a conclusion: China's industry is behind Germany for 100 years.
This is the view of academic institutions and has some reference. But if it is more popular, you can change it to the following statement:
"Overall summary: Germany is upgrading 4.0 on 3.0. We have to do 1.0 now, some have to do 2.0, some have to do 3.0, some have to do 4.0. The goals of the two countries are the same, But the foundation is completely different. On the whole, China's manufacturing industry 3.0 has not yet reached, 2.0 still needs to make up the class, and 1.0 may have to start again. Don't lose the foundation in pursuit of intelligent and intelligent manufacturing. You It is necessary to consider that Chinese companies are different from German companies. People are upgrading at 3.0. We are now 2.0 to make up classes, 3.0 is popular, 4.0 is a demonstration, and some people still have to do 1.0.
I am worried that many people are rushing to the market in order to catch up with them. They have invested a lot of equipment, invested a lot of software, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and finally did not have any benefits, so I am very worried. ”
This is a recent lecture by a university professor who is very familiar with Germany in a forum. This professor and the old urchin are alumni. As a window of Sino-German cooperation, they are very familiar with Germany. I personally support his point of view very much. In other words, we are all catching up with the fashionable 4.0, but we have forgotten the basic research of 1.0. Without the foundation of this piece, 4.0 is unstable and cannot be built.
I have been to a Chinese company that supplies parts for train doors. It said that in this field, it is the most advanced enterprise in China, but overall it is still far from Germany.
I asked him a sentence: China's products are mainly affordable, if the price is the same as the price of German products, can you do the same with the other products?
He said that it is not yet available, but the future is very good. But what he said is only the situation of his company. He also thinks that compared with Germany, we are mainly weak on the basis, that is, there are not many people who are comfortable with basic research and basic technology. Some companies are doing all day long to analyze Foreign products are then imitated. . . .
Some netizens wrote this: Some Chinese companies' attitudes toward the manufacturing industry are still stuck in the skills of teachers and teachers. With the eagerness to seek success, many companies try to buy world-class manufacturing products, use technical teams, and through analysis and imitation. These products are then manufactured at low cost and become a cottage brand that makes foreigners stunned. "Now college students are willing to go to financial companies, etc., how many college students are at ease? The results of scientific research institutions are not as practical and easy to transform as Germany.
These institutions and talents should have some peace of mind to do basic research, but not much now. He said that many people in China are currently studying the United States, engaging in finance and IT, and the business atmosphere is very important; but in fact, learning German is also very important, no In the manufacturing industry, many other industries cannot be discussed.
Therefore, it is necessary to walk on two legs: since the development of the modern service industry such as the financial industry, we must also strive to develop advanced manufacturing industries.