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After-sales service work content 1, order processing
1. When the customer requests Anpai to be produced, the after-sales service will make the order scheduling order for the customer according to the fastest scheduling date proposed by the production department. For some more urgent orders, the supervisor will arrange for the production of the order, and Do a good job in tracking the work to ensure that the delivery rate of goods continues to increase.
2. Accurately grasp the abnormalities that may occur in the logistics line, choose the most reasonable logistics route for the customer, and communicate the requirements of the customer with the logistics company in time. If there is an abnormality, please inform the customer in time to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of the goods.
3. Before the order is stopped at 3:30 in the afternoon, if the customer's order payment is not remitted on time, the customer should be notified in advance to call the customer. If the customer has requested the arrears of delivery, it is necessary to promptly summarize the notification business, the business guarantee and determine the time of the payment. It can be shipped for more than three days. For customers with low sales volume or unstable situation, the customer will stop the payment of the arrears. If there is a need to ship the order, please notify the warehouse in time and do the bundled packaging in time.
4. If the customer needs to change the order abnormally, the customer should cancel the order in time, and the telephone cancels the order to record and inform the business. The business needs to coordinate and arrange the order to suspend the delivery, so that the warehouse can arrange the special area for timely storage.
5, the need for large-scale engineering orders to be produced, more than 50% of the money can be ordered to produce, such orders can generally require production priority arrangements to insert the order, clear the purchase price before shipment.
6. For customers with large sales volume and stable sales, they should negotiate with the business to apply for the credit limit for the customer, and the credit limit will not be delivered. If the customer needs the law enforcement site, it must register the change of the delivery location and make a note on the order. Ming, remind the warehouse to pay attention.
7. If it is necessary to report the project, do a good job in the registration of the project, and be signed and audited by the duty manager, and be properly supervised during the reporting period.
Supervise the work, if there is an order of the same type of similar batch, notify the duty manager and the business in a timely manner, and determine the treatment.
Second, after sales service
1. After-sales service set up a customer hotline, set up a special person to provide technical advice and accept customer complaints. When receiving customer calls, faxes, letters,
In the case of oral complaints, the information personnel shall promptly fill out the "Customer Complaint Handling Form" and submit the after-sales service acceptance.
2. After receiving the “Customer Complaint Handling Form”, the after-sales service should analyze the customer's opinions and complaints. Any quality complaints will be immediately queried.
There is no same batch number inventory, and the immediate filling of the invoice requires the quality inspection personnel to pick up the goods and try to post the problem. If there is a similar problem, immediately ask the customer to put the problem product.
Returned, no similar problems, timely communication with customers and business to come up with processing opinions, form a handling opinion and fill out the "Customer Complaint Handling Form" to start
Payout process.
3. If the warehouse does not have the same batch number, the after-sales service personnel can ask the customer to pass the photo of the problem product and return the problem product.
The wall is torn off and packaged back to the company, and the preliminary judgment and analysis are carried out according to the photos. After the test of the problem product is completed, the responsibility of the customer complaint is determined.
If it is not the operation of the company, there will be after-sales service or dealer to explain the reason to the customer. If it is caused by the operation of the company, follow the following process
(1) For problems involving only quantity, delivery time, and damage caused by transportation, it shall be handled by after-sales service or dealer.
(2) For the construction quality problem only, the dealer shall handle it by itself, and the sales company shall supervise its execution. If the dealer does not handle or handle the improper treatment by the sales company, all expenses shall be borne by the dealer.
(3) Involving the divergence of product quality issues, the product has been put on the wall and the product returned without clear quality problems. The company sent personnel to the site for processing, to take out the treatment opinions, and discuss the treatment plan with the factory, such as the factory does not cooperate, by The sales company pays first, and the general compensation ratio is not higher than 50%, and is deducted from the factory's payment.
(4) After receiving the customer complaint, the customer should be given a reply within 24 hours. The general problem will be put on a feasible treatment plan on the same day. The major quality accident should be 3-5.
Take out a feasible treatment plan within days.
(5) After the customer complaints are processed, the accepting personnel shall record the processing status in the “Customer Satisfaction Survey Form” and the customer shall be in the “Customer Complaint Handling Form”.
After the “Customer Confirmation” column is signed and confirmed, the after-sales service will be deposited into the file.
(6) Simultaneously issue the “Corrective and Preventive Action Handling Form”, instructing relevant departments to take corrective or preventive measures and track implementation effectiveness.
Third, defective product return processing
If the customer needs to return the goods, please fill out the "Return Application Form" and fax it to the business assistant, list the return model, quantity, return reason, and submit it to the business for confirmation. If the order is more than three months, the same batch of products is less than 12 and the stock is not available. The products of the same batch of products shall not be returned. After the business personnel and the duty manager confirm the audit, the business assistant opens the return order and informs the customer to arrange the return. The factory warehouse personnel shall carry out the return acceptance according to the sales company return order, and all the goods must be inspected one by one. After the inspection is qualified, the warehouse income, do a good job of returning the goods. In case of non-production reasons, the return of the inspector and the customer to explain the situation can refuse to accept the goods.
Fourth, the quality problem handling guidelines
General quality complaints from customers and customer expectations and results of processing,
After-sales service can decide, 1 to 3 claims. More than three or more should apply to the business supervisor and duty manager.
Major quality complaints from customers and customer expectations, as well as the results of the treatment, after-sales service should be reported to the general manager in a timely manner, and as a basis for management review.
5. Record of communication and service with customers, managed by after-sales service.
Six, after-sales service return visit
1. The after-sales service return visit is carried out by the dealer.
2... Returning personnel should have the following conditions.
1) Understand the company's corporate culture.
2) Familiar with the company's service concept.
3) I have a good understanding of the procedures for wallpaper construction work.
4) Confirmation of the quality problems that are easily generated by the wallpaper is in place.
5) Suppliers, pavers, and customers who can judge the quality of the floor pavement in a timely manner.
3. Return visit time
第一The first week, the first month, the third month, and the sixth month after the completion of the construction work, four times.
4. Return visit regulations;
Accept the return visit and learn about the return visit. In the shortest possible time, rush to the returning customer. It is not allowed to accept any gifts and money from customers. Complete the return visit with the prescribed polite language. Fill out the return visit form correctly and clearly, and do the archiving work.
Seven, the prevention of quality problems
Invite someone to write the Quality Control Manual, and train the business and dealer related personnel in a timely manner.